Mica PHP DataSystem 2.01

Mica PHP DataSystem is a project aiming to provide web developers using PHP with a powerful class based PHP database system.

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GPL v3 
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Mica PHP DataSystem (or MDS2 for short) is an open source project aiming to provide web developers using PHP (version 5 of higher) with a simple but powerful class based PHP database system. Allthough still in the early stages of development, previous versions have already been used with great success. MDS2 is 100% PHP based, it uses it's own database file format 'diz' which utilises encryption from a library of in-house and other recognised methods. The .diz format also uses gZip compression.

Why use MDS2?

If you are currently or planning to develop a website or web-system that requires the use of large amounts of data, one of the first things you will come accross is the ever growing debate over which database system to use.

One issue that continues to drive our development team crazy is that once you have chosen your database option, you then have to in nearly every instance pay obsurd amounts to have that privalage! We truly believe that this is a completely unfair system, and therefore decided to do something about it.

This project differs from any others that may exist mainly because:

· We are releasing it free under the GPL!
· MDS2 does not try to mimic other database solutions like MySQL, TxtSQL & ODBC.
· Its smart load-bearing solutions mean it can be used locally with less worry for server lag.
· Using 'MDS2 Native Tools' with PHP5 locally installed, you can port your databases through other programming languages (including VB, C++, etc...)
· MDS2 has a gentle learning curve.


MDS2 can be ran locally or via conventional webpage methods. At the moment Microsoft Windows 98 (or higher) are the only operating systems capable of running MDS2 as a stand-alone, however it is a major plan target for this project to release a cross-platform version of 'Native Tools' which will run happily on operating system's including MacOS, Unix & Linux.

Last updated on April 23rd, 2008

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