Dee-Python 0.12

Dee-Python is an implementation of a truly relational database language with Python.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
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Greg Gaughan
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Dee-Python project is an implementation of a truly relational database language with Python. Inspired by Date and Darwen's 'Third Manifesto', it addresses the problems of impedance mismatch between programming languages and databases and the weakness of SQL.

Mind The Gap

Most of today's programs handle data in one way or another and often this data is stored in some kind of relational database. To read and modify this data, a program must bridge the gap between its representation and the one used by the dialect of SQL that the database provides. This bridge typically comprises a database API that sends queries as text strings, often accompanied by some kind of table-to-object mapper that has to coerce data and relationships in both directions, usually with elaborate layers of abstraction in an effort to keep the two sides loosely coupled.

"Yet by obscuring the true data source these solutions end up throwing away the most compelling feature of relational databases; the ability for the data to be queried."

Microsoft, DLinq .NET Language-Integrated Query for Relational Data, May 2006.

This approach not only adds complexity and increases the need for data transformations but, most importantly, it destroys the significant advantages provided by the relational model of data. The relational model is built upon predicate logic which brings the power of formal reasoning to data: it is the only sound foundation available.

Last updated on May 29th, 2007

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