odbcpp 1.7

odbcpp is a strong C++ wrapper for the ODBC database library.
odbcpp is a strong C++ wrapper for the ODBC database library.

The ODBC library is a great concept. It is a library that wraps the implementation details from database managers inside a driver that can be access from one standard library.

The problem with accessing a database, is the large amount of possible failures. Handling those by hand (in C) is really hard work. The ODBC library is a low level C library which has many functions all possibly returning errors.

The odbcpp is a strong C++ wrapper that checks for errors on every single call to the ODBC interface. If an SQL statement, a connection or anything else fails, the library generates an exception.

The license of the odbcpp library is GPL. This means you are free to use this library in your open source projects as much as you'd like.

Main features:

  • Complete C++ Library Documention with Doxygen
  • Tests to ensure the validity of the library
  • C++ library to handle SQL calls
  • Free download on SourceForge.net
  • Works with the native MS-Windows ODBC.dll
  • Works with the unixodbc library under Linux and other Unices

last updated on:
January 19th, 2012, 7:24 GMT
developed by:
Alexis Wilke and Doug Barbieri
license type:
GPL v3 
ROOT \ Database \ Database APIs
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What's New in This Release:
  • Memory allocation is now limited when reading a column that is not bound (i.e. TEXT and other columns that do not have an exact size, since each row may have a different length).
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