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mysqlWisp is a project which provides a standalone or mysqlISP-controlled subsystem.




mysqlWisp is a project which provides a standalone or mysqlISP-controlled subsystem.

mysqlWisp provides a standalone or mysqlISP-controlled subsystem for managing one or hundreds of hotspots with access controlled by iptables, MAC addresses, IP addresses, and passwords.

Access points are connected to a second NIC, and all traffic is initially redirected to a login page.

mysqlWisp provides a mysqlISP family standalone or mysqlISP controlled subsystem for managing 1 or 100's of hotspots with full iptables/MAC+IP+Login+Passwd controlled access.

Easy on the end-user -and the hotspot staff- wide open WAPs are supported. The WAP -or LAN of WAPs- is connected to a 2nd NIC (like eth1 for example, or via a WAP capable card for low cost and very flexible linux WAP/Gateway box.) The model used is the captive portal: "redirect all traffic to hotspot login page -unless logged in" on the WAP/Gateway controlled by a local instance of mysqlWisp.

The gateway linux server running mysqlWisp usually will also provide dhcpd, named, and two instances of apache2: One for the webmin and the other the login page. After hotspot user logs in, she then is allowed through the WAP/Gateway, via advanced iptables SNAT, DNAT and REDIRECT rules managed by mysqlWisp.

Started adding accounting and QoS control along with mysqlCart provided online credit card processing support.

What's New in This Release:

· Adding mysqlISP external job queue handling.
· Adding more WISP AAA/NOC support based on Chicago installation.
· Use tUser.cProfile for cMAC and cIP if exists (fixed users.)
· Add cProfile dictionary to tConfiguration to check new user addition.
Last updated on February 22nd, 2007

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