datanommer icondatanommer 0.1.7

A storage consumer for the Fedora Message Bus (fedmsg)
datanommer is comprised of only a fedmsg consumer that stuffs every message in a sqlalchemy database.

There are also a handful of CLI tools to dump information from the database.

Try it out

Install it on your local machine:

 sudo yum -y install datanommer

Create the file /etc/fedmsg.d/ and add the following content:

config = {
 'datanommer.enabled': True,
 # This is not a safe location for a sqlite db...
 'datanommer.sqlalchemy.url': 'sqlite:////tmp/datanommer.db',

Create datanommer's DB:


Start fedmsg-relay and datanommer:

 sudo service fedmsg-relay start
 sudo service fedmsg-hub start # this will find datanommer's consumer.

Emit a message, which gets picked up by the relay, rebroadcasted, consumed by datanommer, and stuffed into /tmp/datanommer.db:

 echo "this is a test" | fedmsg-logger

Use datanommer's clumsy CLI tools to inspect the DB. Was the message stored?


last updated on:
September 20th, 2012, 10:47 GMT
developed by:
Ralph Bean
license type:
GPL v3 
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