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Valentina Database C++ VSDK enables developers to build fast and robust object-relational database applications for the desktop.




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Valentina Database C++ VSDK enables developers to build fast and robust object-relational database applications for the desktop, and for integration into client-server environments.

You can build database-enabled applications that can accept any type of data, including binary large objects (”BLOBs”) for storing, sorting, and retrieving such materials as audio, video and other multimedia objects. Take the Valentina Technology Tour to learn what makes Valentina the best combination of speed and robust architecture.

Valentina engine contains more than 1000 C++ source files totally. There are several configurations, each providing deeper access and integration with the Valentina kernel:

Valentina C++ ADK Standard Edition

Provides the entry level access to Valentina using the standard Valentina native API. At this level you get about 250 public headers and sources files. License for as low as $199 for either MS Visual Studio or Apple xCode.

Valentina C++ ADK Extended Edition

Provides the same access as the Standard Edition, and you get access to over 300 protected header files for the purpose of better control of engine or writing custom extensions to Valentina. Extended Edition is included in VDN Professional ($799) or VDN Enterprise ($999).

Valentina C++ ADK Architect Edition

Architect Edition provides the highest level of integration available. You get about 95% of the Valentina C++ source code. Contact Pardigma Software sales staff for more information about this option.

Valentina Windows Foundation

Do you support or resell to multiple organizations that are Windows only? Have to support COM and .NET models? There is a special version of Valentina Developer Network specifically for you: VDN Platform Edition (Windows Foundation). Valentina Windows Foundation includes:

· Valentina COM ADK
· Valentina .NET ADK
· Valentina C++ ADK Standard (Windows)
· Valentina Studio (Windows)
· Valentina Embedded Server, royalty free deployment (Windows)
· Valentina Office Server for your own office (Windows)
· Two years of technology upgrades
· Reseller program for Valentina Office Server

What's New in This Release:

· The speed of client-side cursors was improved by over 30 times.
· Server-side cursors without changes were added.
· About 20 more fixes and improvements were made in Valentina Studio.
· A GUI application is able to manage LOCAL and REMOTE Valentina databases.
Last updated on December 30th, 2007

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