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Smart Grid is an Ajax-based table editing tool.




Smart Grid is an Ajax-based table editing tool that allows you to manage DB tables without reloading web pages. 100% JavaScript that makes it possible to use it with any server-side technology.

Powered with Smart Cells - Ajax-based library that allow to make any part or your page editable.

Here are some key features of "Smart Grid":

· 100% JavaScript
· Cross-browser (works in IE, Mozilla-based browsers such as Firefox, Opera 9+, and Safari 3.0)
· Multiple rows selection (you can delete many rows simultaneously)
· Paging (navbar to move among pages, change page size)
· Tabbed order of cells in rows (you can move between cells pressing Tab)
· Skinnable (change skins using API)
· Multilingual
· Resizeable columns (drag&drop column borders of the grid header)
· Sortable (click on a header column to sort the grid)
· XML support
· Non-editable cells
· Dynamic loading (automatical loading data on grid scrolling)
· Frozen columns (columns with independent horizontal scrollbar)
· Remote files generator (JS script to automatically build Smart Grid remote files corresponding to your table)
· Advanced calendar for date cells

How to use

· Double-click on a cell to edit it
· Enter-key pressed or click outside the cell to save changes
· Cancel to discard changes
· Tab to edit next cell in row
· Mouse-click to select a row. [Ctrl/Shift]-click to select several rows

Cell types currently available

· Text field
· Textarea
· Time
· Drop down list
· Checkbox
· Image
· Date (with calendar)new
· Radiobox
· Price
Last updated on January 22nd, 2008
Smart Grid

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