Products.SQLAlchemyDA 0.5.1

A generic database adapter for Zope 2

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What's new in Products.SQLAlchemyDA 0.5.1:

  • Fixed typo in type mapping
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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
Andreas Jung
ROOT \ Database \ Database APIs
Products.SQLAlchemyDA is a generic database adapter for ZSQL methods. Since it is based on SQLAlchemy, SQLAlchemyDA supports all databases out-of-the box that are supported by SQLAlchemy (Postgres, MySQL, Oracle, SQLite, MS-SQL, Firebird, Informix).


 * download and install SQLAlchemy as egg or from the sources from Cheeseshop (easy_install sqlalchemy). See

 for details

 * download and install z3c.sqlalchemy as egg or from the sources from Cheeseshop (easy_install z3c.sqlalchemy). See

 for details.

 * unpack the archive containing SQLAlchemyDA inside the "Products" directory of your Zope instance home.
 * after restarting Zope you go to the ZMI and create an instance of "SQLAlchemyDA" (as you would create some DA instance)
 * click on the new created SQLAlchemyDA instance within the ZMI and configure your database connection through the "Properties" tab. The connection parameter 'dsn' must be specified as a valid SQLAlchemy DSN like

 < dbschema >://< username >:< password >@< hostname >/< databasename >



 * ZSQL methods should see the new DA through the selection widget of available database adapters
 * NOTE: you must have the low-level Python DB drivers installed in order to access a particular database. See

 for details.

Configuration of SQLAlchemyDA:

 * 'dsn' - SQLAlchemy compliant Database Set Name (see
 * 'transactional' - uncheck this property if you are working with a non-transactional

 database like older versions of MySQL. Uncheck this property only if you see any commit() related error. Otherwise leave this property checked. Changing this property requires a Zope restart.

 * 'quoting_style' - affects how strings are quoted in SQL. By default 'standard'

 quotes strings correctly. Setting the value to 'no-quote' might solve quoting issues with some databases.

Using SQLAlchemyDA:

SQLAlchemyDA works as a database adapter as documented within "The Zope Book"

and can be used like any other DA together with ZSQL methods.
Tested with databases:

 * Postgres 7.4, 8.0-8.2
 * SQLite 3.3.X
 * Oracle 10g
 * MySQL is only supported for MySQL databases with transaction support. (see also z3c/sqlalchemy/README.txt)

Last updated on October 5th, 2010


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