MySQL PHP to Posgres Converter 0.94

MySQL PHP to PostgreSQL is a program that takes a php page that uses mysql calls and changes them into PostgreSQL calls.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
Michael Kohn
ROOT \ Database \ Database APIs
MySQL PHP to PostgreSQL is an application that takes a php page that uses mysql calls and changes them into PostgreSQL calls.

This allows any website (if it converts properly) that was written in PHP for MySQL to run as a website written to run on PostgreSQL.

Step 1: Download and uncompress

To uncompress simply type: tar xvzf mysqlphp2postgres.tar.gz

If you're on a non-GNU system you might have to type: gzip -dc mysqlphp2postgres.tar.gz | tar xvf -

Step 2: Compile

To compile simply type: make

If you're on a non-GNU system you'll have to edit the make file to change the compiler to cc instead of gcc

Step 3: Install

Type: make install

This will simply copy the binary file to /usr/local/bin/

Step 4: Convert

Type: mysqlphp2postgres inputfile.php outputfile.php

The input file is the php page that uses mysql. The outfile is the page you want to create. You will probably need to tell mysqlphp2postgres the name of the postgreSQL database since mysql_select_db doesn't translate. You can do this by using a -d switch. So if, for example, the database you're connecting to is called blah, you could type: mysqlphp2postgres -d blah inputfile.php outputfile.php


I have had the following problems from using this program:
MySQL has a lot more functions in PHP than PostgreSQL that do more things. I haven't had a problem with any unsupported functions in my programs, but someone probably will. If you want to help write code for this to support those functions (if that's even possible) feel free to help.

What's New in This Release:

Fixed some stuff.
Cleaned up some code.
This program now produces code optomized for PHP 4.1.0 and above.

Last updated on April 14th, 2006

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