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Mondrian is an OLAP server written in Java.




Mondrian is an OLAP server written in Java. The project enables you to interactively analyze very large datasets stored in SQL databases without writing SQL.

Mondrian is used for:

High performance, interactive analysis of large or small volumes of information
"Dimensional" exploration of data, for example analyzing sales by product line, by region, by time period
Parsing of Multi-Dimensional eXpression (MDX) language into Structured Query Language (SQL) to retrieve answers to dimensional queries
High-speed queries through the use of aggregate tables in the RDBMS
Advanced calculations using the calculation expressions of the MDX language

What's New in This Release:

Bug 2031158 SubstitutingMemberReader.getMemberBuilder
gives UnsupportedOperationException
Bug 2028231 Internal error in HierarchizeArrayComparator
Bug 1955815 Cartesian Join in SQL from MDX against
virtual cube
Bug 1954553 Query # missing from SQL Log entry
Bug 1970574 Problem with building and running cmdrunner
Bug 2013292 [PATCH] Demo app: opening report first time
doesn't work
Bug 1914570 Error with Snowflake Dimension with multiple
Bug 2004202 Except not working with grouping sets
Bug 1963913 RolapMember causes ClassCastException in
Bug 1911832 Exception converting immutable list to array
in JDK 1.5
Bug 1971080 hierarchize(named set) causes attempt to sort
immutable list
Bug 1951916 getCaption() does not return cube caption
Bug 1967378 Connecting : JdbcPassword parameter ignored
Bug 2013471 NullPointerException using roles

RFE 1945689 Drill-through on Calculated members

Pentaho Related Bugs (found at
Bug BISERVER-1574 Mondrian- Cube role
rollupPolicy="partial" failure
Bug BISERVER-1367 Mondrian replaces "All TIME(CALENDAR)"
with "All TIME.CALENDAR)" on the time
Bug BISERVER-1287 readme.txt
Bug BISERVER-1371 Virtual Cube Measures failed when the
measure is a calculated member on the
base cube
Bug BISERVER-1442 The Jpivot drill through feature
doesn't work with Hypersonic
Last updated on August 3rd, 2008

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