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Katalog is a CD organizer integrated in konqueror.




Katalog is a CD organizer for the KDE.

If you have many CD and tons of downloaded files, but you aren't able to remember where you put a file when you need it, then Katalog may help you. With this application you can scan a CD and store all the data about each file in a tree structured catalog.

You can add as many catalogs as you like. Searching through the catalogs it's easy and fast. The folder to search can be on your drive or on a removable media, such a CD, ZIP or floppy. Katalog saves data in a XML file, compressed on the fly using gzip.

I start to write this application trying to port the excellent KDE 1.x application kdiskcat to KDE 3.x, but the part of the KDE API involved is changed radically so I start to write Katalog from scratch.

In the first revision of the application I tried to mimic the graphic interface and the features of kdiskcat. Soon I found two better alternatives of Katalog: gtktalog and CdCat, So I changed my plans and I write a brand-new Katalog fully integrated in KDE.


KDE at least 3.2
Qt at least 3.1

What's New in This Release:

The main change of this release is migration from an XML file format to a database (Currently I have tested only SQLite3 but nothing stops from using any other DB that Qt supports). Old file format is supported, currently only reading (just click on your old files to navigate it) but import/export function are work in progress.
The navigation of catalogs is greatly simplified: now you can find a katalog folder in Konqueror sidebar in the services tab, from there you can find all catalogs and an experimental navigation through mimetypes.
Last but not least the catalog creation widget now shows a progress indicator with the possibility to stop current jobs.
Note: since this new version installs several configuration files for konqueror you my need to kill each running instance of it to enable all functionalities, you can achieve this with a logoff/login procedure.
Last updated on April 27th, 2006

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