JDBCImporter 0.74

A consistent mechanism for importing data from a file to a database
JDBCImporter provides a consistent mechanism for importing data from a file to a database, exporting data from a database to a file, and generating data.

JDBCImporter API can run from the command line using an XML config file or from inside an Ant build script. It works with CSV, fixed data, and XML files and supports numbers, strings, and date/times as database column types.

Custom classes can be used to parse different file formats, format column values into different file formats, translate column values before importing or after exporting, or allocate or release JDBC connections.


Below are the installation steps for installing JDBC Importer:

unzip the jdbcimporter.zip file
add jdbcimporter.jar and commons-logging.jar to the CLASSPATH.

For example: set CLASSPATH=%CLASSPATH%;INSTALL_DIRlibjdbcimporter.jar;INSTALL_DIRlibcommons-logging.jar
JDBC Importer

Basic Usage:

> java [options] net.sourceforge.jdbcimporter.Importer [plugin file]

where :

config file : the import config file
plugin file : the (optional) property file that describes the plugins available during the import
options : two system properties may be set (both are optional)
jdbcimporter.engine = The import engine to use
jdbcimporter.failonerror = Flag indicating that the import should end if an error occurrs

last updated on:
June 30th, 2009, 22:41 GMT
license type:
LGPL (GNU Lesser General Public License) 
developed by:
Chris Nagy
ROOT \ Database \ Database APIs
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What's New in This Release:
  • Added header property for CSVDelimiterFormatter to set the initial contents of the csv file
  • Added BinaryDelimiterParser interface to parse binary files
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