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An Open Source graphical application that helps you design database table definitions

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Glom is an open source and totally free graphical software implemented in GTK+ for the GNOME desktop environment and engineered to allow users to design database table definitions and to manipulate the relationships between them.

The program also allows users to edit and search the data in those tables, it features relationships, related fields, lookups, related records, drop-down choices, calculated fields, searching, users and groups, as well as reports.

The Glom application also includes Numeric, Date, Text, Time, Image and Boolean field types, and allows users to translate each Glom system in multiple languages, making it available for numerous countries.

Getting started with Glom

After installation, you will be able to easily open the application from the main menu of your desktop environment. A ‘Welcome to Glom’ dialog will open, allowing you to open an existing document from a local file, a session found on the local network or recently opened projects.

The same dialog will also allow you to create a new empty document or to create a new document from predefined templates, such as small business example, lesson planner, music collection, openismus film manager and project manager example.

All documents can be exported to a custom location, imported from previous sessions or shared on the network. From the Tables menu you can easily access contacts, invoices, products and stuff, as well as to edit selected tables.

The Developer menu is the most important one, as it allows users to quickly switch between operator and developer, as well as to modify fields, relationships, relationships overview, layout, print layouts, reports, database preferences, users, script library, and translations. It also allows you to export or restore backups, test translations, enable drag and drop of layouts, and change the active platform from normal to Maemo.

Designed for GNOME

The software has been designed for the GNOME desktop environment and it is distributed along with the GNOME Project. It is fully compatible with any other open source desktop environment and operating system, supporting 32-bit and 64-bit hardware platforms.

Glom was reviewed by Marius Nestor
Last updated on July 14th, 2015
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