Gladius DB 0.8.1

A fast and efficient PHP flatfile database engine written in pure PHP.

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What's new in Gladius DB 0.8.1:

  • Problems that happened when SELECTing and rowset precaching triggered were fixed.
  • A typographical errror in driver connection was fixed.
  • LIKE matching was greatly improved.
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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
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Daniele C.
ROOT \ Database \ Database APIs
Gladius DB is a fast and efficient PHP flatfile database engine written in pure PHP; its SQL syntax is compatible with a subset of intermediate SQL92.

You will not need any specific extension to have it work, and it is bundled with an adoDB lite driver.

This project is licensed under the GNU General Public License, be sure to have read and understood it before using Gladius in your own software.

SQL Conformance

The formal name of the SQL standard is ISO/IEC 9075 "Database Language SQL". The version this document refers to is ISO/IEC 9075:2003, or simply SQL:2003. The versions prior to that were SQL:1999 and SQL-92. Each version supersedes the previous one, so claims of conformance to earlier versions have no official standing.

Starting with SQL:1999, the SQL standard defines a large set of individual features rather than the three levels (Entry, Intermediate and Full) declared in SQL-92. A large subset of these features represents the "Core" (mandatory) features, SQL implementation must supply in order to claim conformance. The rest of the features are purely optional.

In the following sections, we provide a list of all SQL:2003 features with an indication of whether it is supported by Gladius DB; every feature consists of an unique identifier and a name. Feature identifiers containing a hyphen are subfeatures. If a particular subfeature is not supported, the main feature is listed as partly supported. Comments are provided where necessary.

Last updated on March 4th, 2009

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