Cafeterra 2.2.0

Cafeterra provides a message queue-based EAI tool.

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LGPL (GNU Lesser General Public License) 
Abdellaziz TALEB
ROOT \ Database \ Database APIs
Cafeterra provides a message queue-based EAI tool.

Cafeterra is a message queue-based EAI project with a Web user interface for designing, processing, and monitoring inter-application data flows.

Supported connectors are based on an RDBMS, flat files (CSV, fixed length record, XML, HL7, HTML, etc.), LDAP, and SOAP, with others planned.

The main features are message tracking and archival, joining different connectors, an internal scheduler, and raising the flow on events.

What's New in This Release:

Support of POP3 and IMAP
Support of Perl Language in addition to SQL Language for Getmsg, SendMsg, SendMsgBis, AckMsg and GlobalAck
Evaluate Perl script during design to see if there is any syntax error
cgi/ : Sort objects; config filename extension handling; remove trailing r
cgi/ : handle correctly copying procedure
cgi/ : remove some trace
cgi/ : more launch options;
cgi/ : validate perl scripts (eval)
cgi/ : bug when updating user the object attributes were not upadted
cgi/EN/ : added some translation
cgi/FR/ : idem
connectors/ : die on open file failure
connectors/ : bug on attachment; replay_to and fake_to attributes default values
connectors/ : update of datatypeid
install/Pg/ : Added new protocols/drivers/datatypes/attributes (Mail/POP3/IMAP)
install/Pg/ : Version changed
install/Pg/d_attrdef.sql : New attributes for new protocols/drivers (Mail/POP3/IMAP)
install/Pg/d_datatype.sql : New datatypes for new drivers (POP3/IMAP)
install/Pg/d_driver.sql : New drivers (POP3/IMAP)
install/Pg/d_protocol.sql : New protocol (Mail)
install/Pg/ : Invalidate last value of _currsubmenu
mains/ : infinite loop for backtraking when readind dependant messages; avoid die on startsession failure
mains/ : classVars misspelling; a query can be an perl script or a sql script
mains/ : handling perl script and sql scripts for getmsg, sendmsg, etc ... in addition to sql script; handle correctly the delins method; LogRbsMessagr enhancement
mains/ : removed some trace text
mains/ : more launch options
site/help/ : image reference bug
site/help/* : translation and orthograph
site/models/mflowl.html : launch options
tools/ : parse mime date
tools/ : new directories
DBD/ : creation
connectors/ : creation
connectors/ : creation

Last updated on February 20th, 2007

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