Alignment API 3.3

Alignment API is a development tool that allows various ontology matchers to share the same format and interface.

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LGPL (GNU Lesser General Public License) 
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Alignment API Team
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Alignment API is a development tool that allows various ontology matchers to share the same format and interface for accessing matching results.

Using ontologies is the privileged way to achieve interoperability among heterogeneous systems within the Semantic web. However, as the ontologies underlying two systems are not necessarily compatible, they may in turn need to be reconcilied. Ontology reconciliation requires most of the time to find the correspondences between entities (e.g., classes, objects, properties) occuring in the ontologies. We call a set of such correspondences an alignment. We have designed a format for expressing alignments in a uniform way. The goal of this format is to be able to share on the web the available alignments. The format is expressed in RDF, so it is freely extensible.

Here are some key features of "Alignment API":

· Storing, finding, and sharing alignments;
· Piping alignment algorithms (improving an existing alignment);
· Manipulating (thresholding and hardening);
· Generating processing output (transformations, axioms, rules);
· Comparing alignments.

What's New in This Release:

· Suppressed language dependent (OWLAPI) alignments (impl)
· Deprecated OWLAPIAlignment to be replaced by ObjectAlignment
· Reimplemented the whole API in function of the onto package (impl)
· Added an abstract ontology package allowing to change API (onto)
· Added Jena 2.5 ontology plug-in (onto)
· Changed HTML renderer to XHTML+RDFa (impl)
· Made Alignment iterable (api/impl)
· Improved NeOn plug-in and upgraded to version 1.1 (plugin)
· Corrected a bug in Web service when the content was XML (server)
· Corrected a bug when loading an alignment with id (server)
· Corrected a bug in AlignmentParser that overlooked formalism URI (parser)
· Passed to Java 1.5 generics [incl. API modif] (dev/api)
· Added first unit tests (TestNG) (dev)
· Passed all code through lint (dev)
· Corrected link to documentation (doc)

Last updated on May 14th, 2008

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