bemDB 0.3.5

A PostgreSQL database

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What's new in bemDB 0.3.5:

  • Changed copyright notices to Phat Geeks, Inc.
  • Changed tables structures so all have a single field primary key.
  • Corrected syntax error in function prepare_member834.
  • Removed parse and front end code.
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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
Jeff Thompson
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bemDB is a group health insurance benefit and enrollment database that strives to be HIPAA 834 compliant. Its main feature is the ability to output HIPAA compliant 834 Benefit Enrollment and Maintenance EDI transaction sets.

emDB is not a complete application.  It does not contain a front-end application for easy user interaction and maintenance of the data.  It is a database for which a front-end application can (and may) be programmed.  In lieu of a front-end application, a database front-end program can be used to experiment with bemDB (e.g. psql, phpPgAdmin, pgaccess, PgAdminII, etc.)


The installation outlined will enable you to create HIPAA 834 output files from bemDB.

1.  Install and test PostgreSQL.
2.  Create a new database.
3.  Create/verify that the PL/pgSQL language is installed on the database. (See man page for createlang.)
4.  Build the bemDB schema using bemDBSchema.sql.
5.  Build the bemDB triggers using bemDBTriggers.sql.
6.  Build data in bemDB.  The bemDBSampleData.sql file contains sample data.
7.  Build the bemDB 834 output functions using bemDB834OutputFunctions.sql.
8.  Test the installation.
select run_transaction_job(1)
9.  View the output.
select output from transaction_job_history

Steps 1 through 7 can be done using a PostgreSQL front-end like psql, PgAdminII, pgaccess or phpPgAdmin.  Until a custom front-end is built, steps 8 and 9 can also be performed using these tools.

Last updated on November 12th, 2008

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