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Wabit is an application that empowers database & business users around the world to perform ALL their reporting and analytics from one straightforward, easy-to-use interface.

Recognizing that end-users struggling with overly-complex BI Tools is the number one reason why Business Intelligence projects fail to deliver the desired ROI, the Wabit was designed to conquer this primary issue. Although there are many BI Reporting tools on the market (both proprietary and Open Source), most of these tools are fairly difficult to use and require one or more days of training before a user can get started.

Committed to providing business users around the world with an intuitive BI Tool for everyday data analysis and decision making, SQL Power's Wabit designers set out to create the simplest and most intuitive BI Reporting tool on the market.

Like other SQL Power BI Tools, the Wabit Business Intelligence Reporting Tool is very elegant and easy to use.

Wabit includes creative features such as a drag-&-drop playpen, live result-set updates, global searching, WYSIWYG report formatting... and no custom coding or Javascripting is ever required with the Wabit.

The Wabit also makes standard Reporting easier than ever. With a single mouse click, query results are instantly transformed into elegant reports - which can further be customized with fonts, colours, sections, breaks, headers/footers, logos and more.

The Wabit is a truly innovative and ridiculously easy to use BI Reporting tool that doesn't require any SQL knowledge. It offers IT and business users alike the ability to:

* Drag-&-Drop source database tables into a playpen
* Use the Database Definitions to automatically formulate required joins
* Intuitively refine your queries with an "evolving" result set that refreshes instantly and continuously
* Search the result set for text strings to further expedite the database search
* Auto-Create SQL queries without any manual coding
* Generate, modify, format & customize Standard Reports at the touch of a button
* Customize the standard report into multiple sections, assigning a different Query to each section of the report
Last updated on December 15th, 2009

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