RDQLPlus 0.9

RDQLPlus provides a Java RDQL tool, featuring zoomable query results.
RDQLPlus provides a Java RDQL tool, featuring zoomable query results.

It can work with existing RDF files, Jena2 RDF databases, and a native Java database called Mckoi.

Here are some key features of "RDQLPlus":

INSERT and DELETE statements into/from RDF graphs ("Models")
CREATE and DROP entire models in RDF storage locations ("Stores")
DUMP and LOAD models in RDF/XML, N-TRIPLES, and N3 format
Copy RDF graphs (or sub-graphs) from one model to another
Query and work with inference models (using one of Jena's reasoners) given an ontology and an instance model
Output query results in text form


Some filesystem store files aren't recognized, even though they're listed with the STORES command. If you're having this problem, just rename the file to something simpler, like "myfile.rdf".
After creating and DROPping an inference model, models that it depends on may not be DROPpable until re-starting RDQLPlus. When you try to DROP such a model, you will be told it was succesfully dropped. But listing MODELs will reveal it is still there.
You absolutely need version 1.10 of GraphViz to run RDQLPlus. Older versions can create unexpected output, which causes ZVTM to throw a NullPointerException at times.
On-line help via the HELP command doesn't provide much detail yet. The RIDIQL Reference does.

last updated on:
February 16th, 2007, 9:05 GMT
license type:
MPL (Mozilla Public License) 
developed by:
Chris Wilper
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