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A Java re-implementation of a tool that I originally authored called sqsh




JSqsh software is a Java re-implementation of a tool that I originally authored called sqsh. The original sqsh was a Sybase-specific console based tool (i.e. non-graphical) that combined the ability to query the database with much of the functionality of a shell, such as piping the results of queries out to external programs (grep, more, etc.), expanding variables, redirecting output to files, command line editing, etc.

Jsqsh attempts to re-create the most frequently used features found in sqsh but, with the use of JDBC (Java's database driver architecture), allow it to be used against any database that provides a good JDBC driver. JSqsh attempts to shield the user from much knowledge of Java and JDBC as much as possible, so it should be suitable for the average user to use, but there are a couple of places in which some knowledge of the basics of JDBC are useful.

JSqsh != Sqsh

It is important to note that jsqsh is not a perfect recreation of sqsh, so please do not blindly run scripts explicitly build for sqsh against jsqsh without some thorough testing!

Self Documenting

JSqsh attempts to be as self documenting as possible, so if at any time you have any questions about how to use it you can execute the help command at the prompt and get a list of help topics:

1> help
Last updated on March 21st, 2011

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