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A free open-source Oracle administration tool





DBA Companion is a free open-source Oracle administration tool.

I am building this tool for my own needs. This means, it does not necessarily contain all the information you can extract from an Oracle database nor all the information that *you* may require.


Set LD_LIBRARY_PATH (SHLIB_PATH on HP) to point to $ORACLE_HOME/lib and the QT library directory. Also set DBACOMP_INI to the dbacomp.ini file (with the full path).

E.g.: DBACOMP_INI=/usr/local/dbacomp/dbacomp.ini.

Open dbacomp.ini and set the variables 'sql_cache_file', 'sql_generation' and 'user_sql'.

sql_cache_file_prefix: Tells DBAComp where to find the SQL statements files.

These files contain all the SQL that DBAComp uses (see
later). The prefix comprises the full path plus the
common beginning of the name of the file.

sql_generation: The directory where you want DBAComp to store the SQL

scripts that you may generate with it.

user_sql: Indicates the location of the file that contains the

user's *own* SQL statements (for more details see below).

'sql_cache_file_prefix' and 'user_sql' must be set to the fully qualified file name. By default the files are called user.sql and dbacomp.

Example: sql_cache_file_prefix=/opt/dbacomp/dbacomp


If you don't set any of these variables (DBACOMP_INI, sql_cache_file_prefix, user_sql), DBAComp will look for these files in the local directory (i.e. the directory where you have started DBAComp from) using the default names.

Now start the program by typing ./dbacomp.

Logon and ENJOY!

BTW: You can also start dbacomp with the username/password[@tnsalias] on the command line (i.e.: ./dbacomp scott/tiger@orcl). Also OPS$ (automatic) logons are supported (e.g. ./dbacomp / or ./dbacomp /@orcl).
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