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A complete database application toolset.





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Andromeda is a complete database application toolset, including database building and upgrading (constraints, automations, security), web framework, documentation generation, source control and version control.

Andromeda is a completely new way to do database application programming. Andromeda is radically data oriented, allow you to specify all of your business logic in a single text file, which Andromeda uses to build most of what you need for a working system.

Andromeda dramatically reduces the labor involved in any database project that has non-trivial business rules.

Andromeda builds the code to handle these calculations when it builds the database, and it puts the code directly into the database itself. This is very important because it makes your database calculations non-subvertible. Any application code that attempts to write bad values get kicked back with an error.

Andromeda's brand new approach is to specify calculations that make sense in terms of primary keys and foreign keys. You can specify that a price be "FETCHED" from a parent table (items) to a child table (cart line items), and then specify that the SUM a child table (cart line items) be put onto the parent table (cart).
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