ssterm 1.5

Simple Serial-Port Terminal

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What's new in ssterm 1.4:

  • Added support for split hexadecimal/ASCII representation mode.
  • Added controlling terminal reset after program quit.
  • Fixed non-blocking read bug.
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GPL v3 
Vanya A. Sergeev
ROOT \ Communications
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ssterm - Usage messagessterm - Usage message
ssterm (simple serial-port terminal) is a console-based serial port terminal with curses and stdin/stdout user interfaces.

ssterm features several useful formatting options:

- hexadecimal representation
- newline interpretation
- newline character color coding
- choice of transmit newline character mappings (i.e. LF → CRLF)
- choice of receive newline characters mapping (i.e. CR → LF)
- buffer scroll in curses interface
-  buffer dump in curses interface
- local character echo

The curses interface is the more interactive user interface. It allows scrolling through the receive buffer, dumping the receive buffer, as well as dynamically toggling the formatting options mentioned above. The stdin/stdout interface is more suitable for situations where data needs to be piped to/from ssterm (such as data logging).

In the curses interface, ssterm's transmit and receive handlers are threaded with pthreads. The stdin/stdout interface uses select() for receiving data from the serial port and stdin.

ssterm should work on most *nix platforms, as well as a Cygwin environment. ssterm was written by Vanya A. Sergeev, and tested with the GNU C Compiler on Linux. Feel free to send any bugs!, ideas, or suggestions to vsergeev at gmail dot com.

Last updated on April 4th, 2012

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