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tel is a little console-based phone book program.




tel is a little console-based phone book program. It allows adding, modifying, editing and searching of phone book entries right on your terminal. Pretty printing capabilities are also provided.

Entries are stored in simple csv file. This eases import and export with common spread sheet applications like Microsoft Excel or Calc.

The project is written in Python and distributed under the MIT license and therefore free software. You can download it free of charge, share it with your friends, modify and even sell it.

Originally tel was a little bash script developed by Pot and sabsirro in the german Ubuntu forum With development continuing at quick pace, bash quickly proved to be insufficient for writing such large projects as tel had now become.

First Pot and sabsirro planned to rewrite tel in Perl. But before development in perl had begun, lunar came up with a Python version of tel. This version was met with great interest. After a little while Pot and lunar agreed to continue this version as a separate project on BerliOS. When sabsirro joined the project after a little while, the tel developer team was complete.


Python 2.4

What's New in This Release:

Three new fields for post office box, country, and title were added.
A lot of bugs, especially encoding issues, were fixed.
tel now always reads and writes phone book files in UTF-8 encoding.
The output is now encoded appropriate to terminal encoding.
There are also some improvements concerning localization.
Gettext catalogs are always search in the correct path.
Some minor improvements and fixes in output formatting and messages are part of this release.
The setup script has undergone some changes.
Support for uninstallation through the "uninstall" command has been added.
Last updated on March 31st, 2007

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