piAccess Mail 1.0.920

piAccess products let you have your SMS text messages and contacts with your emails on your personal computer.

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Pragmaticomm Limited
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piAccess Mail
piAccess project lets you have your SMS text messages and contacts with your emails on your personal computer.

piAccess Mail is an agent that connects your phone's SMS messages to your email application's Inbox.

It talks to your phone using industry-standard AT commands over a serial connection, and at the same time acts as a POP server that your email client can connect to and retrieve messages from.

All SMS messages in your phone's inbox are exposed as email messages.

Generally, any phone that supports SMS and phonebook access over serial/USB cable, infrared or Bluetooth using the AT command standard should work, so even if you can't see your phone in the list below, you may find that it just works!

Any phone running piAccess Link (currently Sony Ericsson P800/P900/P910 and the Motorola A1000)

Sony Ericsson: T68i, T610, T630, K700i, W800i and more...
Nokia: coming soon ...
Samsung: coming soon ...
Motorola: more coming soon ...

(note that for piAccess Link enabled phones you will need to use Bluetooth)

Any email client that supports the Post Office Protocol version 3 (POP-3) should work (such as Thunderbird, Outlook, Mozilla, Eudora and Apple Mail).

Here are some key features of "piAccess Mail":

Automatically re-assembles multi-part SMS messages into a single email message.
Recognises and preserves international text in messages.
Automatically updates when new SMS messages arrive.
(Optionally) propagates message deletions from your mail client to your phone - you don't have to delete unwanted messages twice.
When used with piAccess Link, cross-references SMS sender numbers against your phone's phonebook, and inserts the sender's email address in the email message headers for easy replies via email.


No limitation. Licence expires after 7 days for unregistered user, in 20 days for registered users

What's New in This Release:

A licensing fix was done so that IMEI and IMSI are always displayed when available.

Last updated on January 12th, 2006

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