isdngw 0.4.0

A H.323 to ISDN gateway using the OpenH323 and PWlib libraries, and the ISDN4Linux subsystem.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
3.0/5 16
Niklas Ogren
ROOT \ Communications \ Telephony
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isdngw is an H.323 to ISDN gateway powered by the OpenH323 and PWlib libraries, and the ISDN4Linux subsystem. It is based on isdn2h323


isdngw is a PWLib application, with a standard PWLib Makefile. You have to build Pwlib and OpenH323 first (following their build instructions).

Then, move into the isdngw directory and do a make depend to compute the dependences. Now, you are ready to compile different versions of the software:

make opt builds the optimized and stripped version
make debug builds the ready to debug version
make optnoshared builds the optimized version statically linked to PWLib and OpenH323 libraries
make debugnoshared builds the debug version statically linked to PWLib and OpenH323 libraries


The configuration is quite long and complete. It uses the PWLib configuration files format with sections and key values (just like Windows .ini files).

There are two such configuration files: /etc/isdngw/isdngw.conf(the configuration of the gateway) and a directory file (its path is given in isdngw configuration). The directory file lists the associations between H.323 aliases and ISDN MSN, used when receiving calls.


isdngw is a PWLib PServiceProcess application so it can be run as a daemon or as a console application. To have some help, you can do isdngw -h.
To start the gateway as a daemon, use isdngw -d, which will return once it is started, and to stop the deamon you just have to do isdngw -t (you have to wait a few seconds or more before it really ends).

To start the gateway as a standard application, use isdngw -cx. This way, you will get the system messages on the standard output.

Usage: [-c] -v|-d|-h|-x
-h --help output this help message and exit
-v --version display version information and exit
-d --daemon run as a daemon
-u --uid uid set user id to run as
-g --gid gid set group id to run as
-p --pid-file name or directory for pid file
-t --terminate orderly terminate process in pid file
-k --kill preemptively kill process in pid file
-s --status check to see if daemon is running
-c --console output messages to stdout rather than syslog
-l --log-file file output messages to file or directory instead of syslog
-x --execute execute as a normal program
-i --ini-file set the ini file to use, may be explicit file or
a ':' separated set of directories to search.
-H --handlemax n set maximum number of file handles (set before uid/gid)
-C --core-size set the maximum core file size

Last updated on May 23rd, 2009

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