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astCDRview is a web based, lightweight, multi language Asterisk SQLite CDR viewer.





astCDRview is a web based, lightweight, multi language Asterisk SQLite CDR viewer which supports multiple outgoing carriers, multiple incoming numbers, billing, address book and extensions.

Once configured, it can be thought as a post processing filter which translates the input in a human readable form. Development has been done with speed optimization in mind, it targets personal use and SOHO.

Here are some key features of "astCDRview":

Interface is multilingual ready (now in English and Italian)
Manages multiple outbound carriers
Manages multiple inbound numbers
Calculates billing with block of seconds or minutes duration
Rates can be imported and exported through CSV
Associate a readable name with an extension, or more than one
Address book

Associate readable name to outbound contacts
A contact can have multiple telephone numbers, each one with a description
A contact can have multiple email addresses, each one with a description
For few contacts, it can show all of them in one page
For many contacts, it can show a searchable form

Disable not used features for speedup
Query only outbound calls, or only incoming ones, or both
Query only a carrier, or all of them
Show all the results in one page, or split them
Query a date range
Query a certain telephone number
Query only answered calls, or all of them
Count the total calls made, the total time of the call, including answering time and not
Sum the total amount billed

Open source, licensed under GNU GPL
Realtime: no cache is used, no footprint on the data storage, no replicated data
Configuration and address book are stored in a minimal and fast SQLite DB
Results are not post filtered: the SQL query is dinamically built and can be viewed by enabling the debug
Forms method uses GET, so viewing the same query results from two clients is made easy: by sharing the URL
Languages can be easily added by a plain text 130 sentences file
CSS ready for customization
One OOP class does all the logic: the code can be easily compiled for acceleration


The assumptions made about the PBX configuration could lead to strict deployment rules
The outgoing carrier recognition engine checks only the first digit of the dialed number
The billing engine can't replicate advanced rates plans beyond one second billing block or one minute billing block duration
Transferred calls would not be clearly represented (Asterisk CDR limitation, but is a work in progress)
Beta stage: has only few production deployments in the real world
Tested only with Firefox 2


Asterisk with SQLite CDR enabled
PHP enabled web server
PHP with the SQLite (Asterisk and astCDRview databases are versions 2) module


Uncompress the astCDRview tarball under a web server's document root folder
Ensure that the internal configuration SQLite DB < astCDRview >/db/astCDRviewConf.db is writeable by the web server's user
Ensure that the exported prefixes destination folder < astCDRview >/csv/ is writeable by the web server's user
Ensure that the Asterisk SQLite CDR DB /var/log/asterisk/cdr.db is readable by the web server's user


The first result when browsing toward the main index.php page, after a fresh installation, should be a raw visualization of the CDR, like this
Then I suggest to configure the extensions, by clicking the CONFIGURE button, and from here, click the EXTENSIONS button, arriving here.

An extension name can have multiple numbers associated, separated by comma.

The new configuration can be checked by querying again the CDR and having a result like this

Then I suggest to configure the carriers: that's the page and as like the extensions, a carrier can have multiple incoming numbers, separated by comma.

The CARRIER PREFIX field is the prefix you use to tell Asterisk which carrier to use. It can only be a one digit number.

If you use only one outgoing carrier, insert the * char as the CARRIER PREFIX

Before activating the billing feature, the rates should be configured. This is where, while an example row is like this:

05;Landline Test;0.05;60
where the fields are: prefix, destination label, amount and billing block.
The billing block can only have values of 1 or 60
where the former results in a billing block of one second and the latter results in a billing block of one minute.

The remaining features configuration will be covered in the near future, if they are not self-explaining

What's New in This Release:

The configuration check helper page checkConf.php was written.
Last updated on June 26th, 2008
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