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The SvxLink project aims to develop a flexible general purpose voice services system for ham radio use.






The SvxLink project aim to develop a flexible general purpose voice services system for ham radio use. The svxlink server consists of a core that handles the connection to the tranceiver.

The transceiver audio is connected to the PC through the sound card and the PTT is controlled by a pin in the serial port. The core can be configured to act as a repeater controller or to operate on a simplex channel.

The voice services are loaded into the core as plugins called modules in SvxLink lingo. Existing voice services are: Help - a help system, Parrot - a module that plays back everything you say, EchoLink - connect to other EchoLink stations and TclVoiceMail - a simple voice mail system. The project also includes an EchoLink client GUI application (Qtel).

EchoLink is an amateur radio invention (well actually it is just a modified verison of IP telephony) to link radio transceivers together over the Internet. You must have an amateur radio license to use it. The original EchoLink software can be found at

However, this software only support the Windows operating system and it is closed source. SvxLink is FREE software released under the GPL license.

Qtel is only an EchoLink client program. It does not have the sysop mode. That is, it can not be connected to a transceiver and act as a link. For the latter, use the svxlink server.
Last updated on November 28th, 2011
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