Sintel 0.2

A VoIP application
Sintel is a VoIP application using custom XML-based protocol for communication and Ogg for transmitting media. It is free application distributed under the GNU AGPLv3+ license.

Sintel works in client-server architecture, that is you can call users on the same server but you can’t communicate with users on other servers. Because of this it is suitable for providing communication between small groups of people but not for mass communication services like other peer-to-peer VoIP networks. Sintel is a young project and this might change in future releases.

Sintel is under development and while the basic functionality works it can’t be considered stable or very user friendly.

Building Sintel

ant build

or simply


You specify paths to Sintel dependencies with "ant -D< property >=< value >", see build.xml for property names.

Building Sintel jar

ant dist

This will create Sintel.jar with classpath set to all dependencies so you don't
have to supply additional paths to "java -jar". It will also create two manifest
only jars (Server.jar, Client.jar) that use Sintel.jar and can be used to run
server or client respectively.

Bugs, questions, announcements, translations and download

Sintel uses Launchpad for bugs tracking, questions, announcements, translations and hosting releases.

Main features:

  • Ogg with Theora and Speex as used media codecs (also possible to use any other format that can be packed into Ogg). (video not implemented due to problems with GStreamer framework)
  • Support for free UNIX-like operating systems (especially GNU+Linux).
  • Two modes of operation – direct connection between two clients or simultaneous communication between multiple clients. (direct connection is implemented, simultaneous communication is being worked on)
  • Modular design – independent of any specific media player implementation (though GStreamer is default).
  • Multi language support with GNU gettext. (planned for future releases)

last updated on:
February 17th, 2010, 10:53 GMT
license type:
AGPL (Affero General Public License) 
developed by:
Marek Aaron Sapota
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