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A free, platform-independent and web-based Asterisk management user interface written in PHP

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ScopServ-VoIP is an open source, freely distributed, easy-to-use, powerful and portable web-based GUI (Graphical User Interface) management interface that lets users easily and quickly configure the state-of-the-art Asterisk telephony engine and PBX (Private Branch Exchange) system.

Features at a glance

ScopServ-VoIP is designed to be easily installed on personal computers, it’s compatible with today's main IP telephony protocols, including SIP, H.323, IAX, and MGCP, supports multiple users, reporting, as well as any POSIX compliant operating systems.

With the ScopServ-VoIP server software you will be able to inter-connect the traditional telephony network (PSTN) with the IP telephony network (VoIP). It features a multi-lingual system, web-based management and administration, vocal mailbox (Voicemail), interactive vocal response (IVR), intelligent call routing, conferencing, equipment provisioning, detailed calls report, flash operator panel, PSTN interworking, and audio support (Codec).

Distributed as an installable-only DVD based on CentOS Linux

It is an operating system based on the CentOS Linux distribution, which in turn is based on the Red Hat Enterprise Linux sources. Currently, ScopServ-VoIP is available for download as an installable-only DVD ISO image that contains software packages optimized only for the 64-bit (x86_64) instruction set architectures.

The Live DVD can be written to either DVD discs or USB thumb drives of 1GB or higher capacity, which can be later used as bootable medium to boot the operating system from the BIOS of your computer. From the boot menu of the Live DVD, you can start the installation in manual or automatic mode.

Getting started with ScopServ-VoIP

Despite the fact that it uses a text-mode installer, ScopServ-VoIP is easy to install, as users will be required to partition the disk drive. The rest of the installation process is automatic and will take only a few minutes. After installation, you must reboot the machine and boot into the newly installed system to start the server, so you can access the web-based interface from another computer on the network.

ScopServ-VoIP was reviewed by Marius Nestor
Last updated on December 17th, 2014
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