Kamailio 4.1.0

An Open Source and powerful collaborative project for Linux/UNIX operating systems

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What's new in Kamailio 4.1.0:

  • eleven new modules: app_java, auth_ephemeral, cnxcc (prepaid engine), dnssec, gzcompress, ims_charging, mohqueue, rtpproxy-ng, sctp, sipt, stun
  • support for SCTP transport layer and DNSsec are now dedicated modules, allowing straightforward activation, without a need to recompile the SIP server
  • new specific config file tools for handling of SIP-T and SIP-I
  • embedded Java interpreter exposing a Java programming interface inside configuration file
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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
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Kamailio Team
ROOT \ Communications \ Telephony
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Kamailio - Combining its extensible APIs and SIP core capabilities, building Unified Communication Platforms and VoIP using Kamailio is straightforward.
Kamailio (formerly named OpenSER) is an open source and totally free collaborative project that can be used to develop a robust, reliable and scalable SIP server.

Kamailio has support for UDP/TLS/TCP transport layers, AAA via database, ENUM, RADIUS, gateways to XMPP and SMS, DIAMETER, least cost routing, NAT traversal, call processing language and load balancing.

It features performant and robust SIP (RFC3261) server flavours, SIP routing capabilities, transport layers, asynchronous processing, secure communication, accounting, rich communication services, monitoring and troubleshooting, extensibility APIs, multiple database backends, interconnectivity, scalability, and much more.

Last updated on December 5th, 2013

#SIP server #RFC3261 server #telephony server #OpenSER #SIP #server #RFC3261

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