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An app for users of AVMs Fritz!Box to get call signaling and other functions





KFritz is a KDE software for users of AVMs Fritz!Box to get call signaling and other functions.

Call notification

KFritz connects to the Fritz!Box to inform you about incoming calls. Detailed configuration is possible either in the KFritz user interface or KDE's system settings.

To enable this feature you have to dial "#96*5*" with a telephone connected to the Fritz!Box. This works for all firmware versions >= xx.03.99

You may experience problems when trying to dial "#96*5*" with an ISDN telephone. In such a case try to activate "auto keypad", "dial * and #" or some similar setting in your ISDN telephone. If your ISDN telephone contains no keypad support simply use an analogue telephone instead.

If you do not want to be notified by every call, you can specify a list of MSNs you are interested on in the plugin\'s setup. Max. 22 monitored MSNs are supported.

Phone book support

KFritz supports multiple phonebooks. You can configure which phonebooks are used. The order matters with respect to number lookup. When a call comes in, the plugin tries to resolve the number using the first configured phonebook. If that fails, it tries the second one, and so on.

* Fritz!Box phone book

This accesses the Fritz!Box phonebook stored on the box itself.

* das-oertliche.de/nummerzoeker.com phone books

This tries to resolve any number via online directories.

* Local Phonebook

This is a local CSV file. It must be called "localphonebook.csv" and has to be placed in $KDEHOME/share/apps/kfritz/. Each line contains one entry in the following format: "«name»,«type»,«number»". «type» has to be replaced with a type code (1=home, 2=mobile, 3=work).

Fritz!Box call list

Shows the call history. Missed calls are indicated in KDE's system bar.
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