Interactive Voice Application Network
IVAN (Interactive Voice Application Network), is the new enterprise carrier grade platform for your x800 Numbers, International DID’s and premium rate numbers.

IVAN is the second part of a suite of products developed by ZaKoTel called the "asterTools", that is a collection of software around Asterisk Opens Source PBX with the goal to offer easy-to-use enterprise functionality at a fair pricing model.

The target by programming IVAN was the high availability for Special Numbers (Tool Free- (x800), Premium Rate Numbers and DIDs) and there services.

How we use IVAN:
we already use IVAN with 108 different groups, more than 2.000 Extensions and 1.880 Services (growing daily), IVAN is up and running since July 2006, now we are ready to give it to you, after 2 Years in our production environment and successful testing.


definitely NOT, IVAN is build to handle a huge amount of calls at the same time for special numbers (Premium Rate Numbers or DIDs), it is more an IVR than a PBX, IVAN is build to be placed in front of your PBX to catch the calls, handle IVR and other Services THAN send it to the PBX. Of course you can use it as PBX as well.

Main features:

  • Playback Audio: play a voice file, if you have bought a license of Swift from Cepstral, you can generate your voice prompt with the text2speech engine.
  • Forward 2 Destination: forward a call to VoIP (SIP, IAX2), to a local extension or to an external number.
  • Fax2Email: receive incoming Fax and forward the Fax to an email address.
  • Voice box Recorder: use IVAN™ as your Voice box and send the messages via email.
  • Calendar Routing: Route the incoming calls controlled by date and time to a service.
  • Timer: accept a service at a specific date or time.
  • Counter: choose service every NN caller. This service is very often used from Radio and TV Shows, "Call now and hit channel number 10 to win the Jackpot".
  • Hot Button: send the next caller to a service by pressing a button (Radio and TV Shows).
  • Percentage Routing: choose services on a percentage basis.
  • Black/White list: specify the service to start regarding the phone number.
  • Pin Type In: type in a PIN, send the pin to a WWW URL and start the next service controlled by the return code.
  • Pin Read Out: call a HTTP URL and receive a pin, tell the pin to the caller.
  • HTTP SendSRC: call a HTTP URL and send the number from a caller to that URL.
  • HTTP SendDST: call a HTTP URL and send the number from a called party to that URL (most used after the Out dial Interface Service).
  • IVR Jump: Start an IVR tree.
  • Outdial Interface API: with the Outdial Interface you can initiate a call with a HTTP request,
  • if you send an request to:
  • http:///interface/?code=&msisdn= IVAN™ will start to call the msisdn number, when the call get answered, the system connect the caller to the extension (service) you have setup. You can restrict the IP Addresses of the requested party, manage if the number should be called another time and many more.
  • Live Monitor: monitor and hang up calls in Real-Time
  • User Right Management: you have 3 different Levels of users: Admin, Customer and Clients, you can setup for each user different rights.
  • Agent Command Center: easy to use service for Agent logon, logoff, Agent Statistic
  • Agent Queues: setup as many queues you need (there is no limitation) inside the Queue you can set: Fallback Service, waiting loop audio file, queue identification audio file (when a caller inside the queue get connected to the Agent, you can set up a voice file what the agent hear BEFORE the caller get connected to the Agent. This is most use when a Agent work in more than one Queue)
  • Follow Up Time: how long will the system wait before the Agent get the next Call (most use for post processing).
  • Destination: a separate Destination for each Agent OR to the Extension of the Agent.
  • Agents: setup as many Agents you need, there is no limitation.
  • You can configure each Agent for your premise, Priority of the Agents inside the Queue (what Agent get the next call first if he is idle or round robin), Number Presentation (set if the Agent should see the CLI of the calling party) and many more.
  • Agent Allocation: what Agent is in which Queue, one view for all your Agents and Queues.
  • Agent Status: one view for all your Agents
  • Statistics: Calls, Agents, Queues, Interfaces… (many different views and export options of your Calls)

last updated on:
September 10th, 2008, 8:59 GMT
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developed by:
ZaKoTel Telekommunikations GmbH
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