Evolusync 1.1.2

Evolusync synchronizes Evolution addressbook with a mobile IR or BlueTooth mobile device.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
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Bruno Grieder
ROOT \ Communications \ Telephony
Evolusync synchronizes Evolution addressbook with a mobile IR or BlueTooth mobile device. Evolusync supports OBEX and GSM AT over Ircomm (Irda).

The project was designed to work with a NOKIA phone but should support many other mobile devices and can be easily extended.

Evolusync's main purpose is to synchronise your Evolution addressbook with your IR or BlueTooth mobile device.
Evolusync may help you retrieve or update your mobile device phone book from sources other than Evolution.
Evolusync's current version is 1.1 and runs on Evolution 1.4.

Evolusync is basically made of two parts:

· a set of functions to read and update Evolution's addressbook;
· a set of functions to read and update the phone book of mobile IR and BlueTooth devices.

This second set currently supports the OBEX over IR and BlueTooth and GSM AT over IRComm protocols.

Always try to use OBEX if you can (see devices), it should provide richer phone book data support. Check your device documentation or try irdadump with IR to discover what your device can do (see Irda below). The dump should show IrOBEX in the list of device capabilities.

Be safe: always try to backup your mobile phone data first:

evolusync -readDevice -type NOKIAOBEXIR -v


evolusync -readDevice -type NOKIAOBEXBT -v -bdaddr XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX -btchannel 4

NOKIAOBEXIR or NOKIAOBEXBT may not be appropriate for you, but if everything works fine, your mobile addresbook should be available in VCard format in /tmp/DevicePhoneBook.vcf.


· evolution-devel 1.4
· openobex
· bluetooth if you want to use bluetooth


Compilation and installation is achieved by:

make all install

You will get two binaries: evolusync and gsmat that will be installed in /usr/local/bin


Make sure your bluetooth or infrared stack works on your computer first (see Irda below).

· For evolusync: run evolusync --help
· For gsmat: same thing. GSMAT allows you to send GSM AT commands to GSM mobile phones.

When you have the choice, always use OBEX rather than GSM AT as a protocol. OBEX allows you to send full vcard data (multiple phone numbers, email addresses, notes …).


· GSM Phones with Infrared should all be supported with -type GSMAT.
· NOKIA 40 series : all version 1 should be supported with -type NOKIAOBEXIR. Version 2 are being tested over BlueTooth with -type NOKIAOBEXBT.
· NOKIA 60 series: not yet. Working on it.

I am ALWAYS interested by test results.

Last updated on August 15th, 2007

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