Decibel 0.11

Decibel is a realtime communication framework based on Telepathy
Decibel is a realtime communication framework based on Telepathy. It is meant to integrate VoIP, text chat, CTI (computer telephone integration), and similar applications into the user's desktop.

The project consists of a desktop neutral policy daemon called Houston and desktop specific components for user interaction.

Houston is a plain, non-graphical Qt application which is supposed to get started when a user logs in. It is a policy daemon, which opens communication channels for the user and starts components in response to events triggered.


Qt >= 4.2.x

What's New in This Release:

Added a module to display album covers (#179099)
Added a panel showing current track information, can be hidden through the 'View' menu
Alphabetical headers in the library module can be 'played' (#231259)
The status of the repeat button is saved and restored (#232293)
Browsing trees with the keyboard is possible (#243169)
The explorer panel can be shown/hidden through the 'View' menu (#234721)
The MusicBrainz Track ID, if available, is submitted to (#256361)
More tags are read from the files, and can be displayed in e.g., popups (#256375)
Disc number, if any, is displayed right after the album name in the tracklist (#234999)
When a track cannot be played (e.g., the corresponding file has been removed), it is tagged with an error icon (#256400)
Fixed incorrect entries in the .desktop file (#231714) (#229767)
Fixed crash in the Library module upon permission problems (#253574)
Fixed crash when tags are present but empty (Library) (#201128)
Fixed improper restoration of the volume upon startup when it is equal to zero (#256005)
Fixed not correctly submitted tracks with non-standard UTF-8 characters (#259045)
Fixed intermittent improper columns resizing in the tracklist
Better default sort order, useful when files are not correctly tagged (#211190)
Immediately hide the main window upon exiting, don't wait for modules (#243186)
Show a 'loading...' message while reading the contents of a directory (File Explorer) (#202603)
Libraries are tagged with a version number, and may need to be rescanned upon structural changes

last updated on:
August 21st, 2008, 11:27 GMT
license type:
LGPL (GNU Lesser General Public License) 
developed by:
Tobias Hunger
ROOT \ Communications \ Telephony
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