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Brekeke SIP Server registers and authenticates users, and routes calls between user agents.




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Brekeke SIP Server registers and authenticates users, and routes calls between user agents. The product has original NAT traversal functionality as well as flexible control routing functions.

Supported operating systems include Microsoft Windows XP/2000, Solaris 10, and Mac OS X. Free for Personal and Academic Institution use.


Multiple OS Support
Intuitive Web-based Administration Tool
Support for Media Stream over NAT Traversal
Multiple-Domain Support
Highly Interoperable with third party products and services
Customizable to meet unique needs through Dial Plans & Plug-ins
Flexible Scalability

Here are some key features of "Brekeke SIP Server":

Registrar Service Brekeke SIP Server receives REGISTER requests from SIP UAs and updates its database appropriately. Using the registrar function, you can receive calls from any SIP UA using your unique SIP-URI.
Call Routing Brekeke SIP Server will route SIP requests from a SIP UA, or other server, to the most appropriate SIP-URI address based on its registrar database and Dial Plan. Brekeke SIP Server supports SIP Redirect feature which allow servers to redirect a request back to SIP UA.
NAT Traversal Brekeke SIP Server enables SIP UAs behind the NAT to talk with other SIP UAs, including video over NAT traversal. Using NAT-enabled firewalls ensures the security that you want to retain, while giving users the ability to make media calls over the internet between different networks.
Dial Plan With a Dial Plan you can use regular expressions to define matching or filtering rules for headers and IP addresses in the SIP packets. Brekeke SIP Server’s Dial Plan increases compatibility between SIP compliant products and provides added capability and flexibility for creating complex call routing.
Upper/Thru Registration Upper/Thru Registration allows for easy configuration of parallel users of preexisting or other SIP servers. This feature allows establishing SIP communication through ITSP lines or third-party SIP servers.
Authentication By specifying authentication settings on REGISTER or INVITE requests, you can limit calls that go through Brekeke SIP Server. Authentication Plug-in is available for the users who wish to use an existing user directory service.
Multiple-Domain Hosting Brekeke SIP Server can host multiple domains on one server install. This feature allows user to manage multiple domains under one server setup.
Session Management The real-time session management is available through GUI. View session status or manually terminate the active calls.


Linux, Solaris
Java JDK 1.4 or later
256 MB RAM Minimum


Trial software can be fully activated by purchasing a license from Brekeke Software.
Last updated on January 24th, 2007
Brekeke SIP ServerBrekeke SIP ServerBrekeke SIP Server

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