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A software that allows you to send free SMS from anywhere





BetaMaxSMS is a software that allows you to send free SMS from anywhere. It is a command line interface access to betamax daughters (VoipBuster, VoipCheap, etc.) SMS services. PHPCurllib is needed.

Betamax is a european voip provider that works with different fanchises? like voipcheap, voipbuster, calleasy etc. One thing they have all in common is their infrastructure. These betamaxes all offer sms through html and this class takes the work out of your hand and enables you to send your sms from the commandline.

Your commandline would look like sms.php < destination > < text > f.i.
sms.php +00000000000 "text encapsulated by hyphens and all should work fine".

As you can see in the sample code it's easy to implement some primitive phonebook.

Just remove the lines below that say 'REMOVE FOR EXAMPLE CODE TO WORK' and toy around a bit, you will soon get this grips of it.

Yes the class is simple but I consider the usage value more important and therefor want to share. If you want to give back vote for this class on the inovation award.


In the settings page the follow can be set.


Your credentials for Betamax clone website.

Caller ID

Optional sender number, must be verified on the Betamax clone site first (usually using the Windows desktop client).

Betamax clone

VoIP site name without www. Examples:,,


https (http over SSL) is needed for some Betamax clones. The amount of data transfered per SMS goes from 2kB to 4kB when secured.

Country code

Convert numbers starting with 0 to international notation using this code. For example, 061234678 becomes +31612345678 when the country code is set to 31.

Strip accents

Some phone companies cannot handle the way Betamax sends accents on letters like ����. They might show up on the recipient phone as ? or *. When this options is set to "yes", BetamaxSMS will strip the accents from letters before sending the message to the Betamax website.

This uses from Balie v1.81.

If your phone has JSR 75 support to its phone book, the follow settings are also available:

Override builtin lookup

Override Nokia/SonyEricsson builtin contacts lookup with JSR 75 lookups. This turns the To field into a text field where a name can be entered. Using the Lookup command will display all contacts in the phone book matching this name.

Only mobile

Only show mobile numbers during lookup (on supported devices).

Auto select

Auto select number when JSR 75 lookup only returns one result.

Common problems

· You will need an active internet connection such as GPRS or UMTS for this application to work.
· Your device needs to support the J2ME MIDP-2.0 and CLDC-1.1 standards. For Palm devices this means installing the IBM JVM.
· On most devices, the first time you send an SMS per session, you will be asked to grant the application airtime. This is a protection to avoid being charged for airtime without your approval.
· When you get the message Session lost Please click here to log back in you probably need to toggle the Secure option in the settings.
· On one device (SonyEricsson W800i) I received an SSL Certificate error. After installing the correct root certificate ( in my case) via Bluetooth, everything worked fine.
Nokia N73 users might want to open rapidssl_01.der inside the N73 web browser instead (thanks to Jo�o Fraga).
For Motorola L6 or Slvr, read this article on how to add the SSL ceriticate.
· On Palm Treo devices, the settings are erased at every upgrade. I believe this is bug of the IBM WebSphere Everyplace Micro Environment JVM.
· Phonebook lookups work via the SonyEricsson hook for TextField.PHONENUMBER and manually via the JSR 75 standard. The Nokia N95 has a similar hook on TextField.PHONENUMBER.
For Palm devices you need to install fileconnect.prc, pimop.prc and PIMPrefs.prc file from the JVM zip file to get JSR 75 support.
· Using the contact lookup may take a long time to load. To speed up the process, type a string in the To: field to use as a search string to narrow down the lookup results.
· Some phone companies cannot handle the way Betamax sends the accents on international characters. BetamaxSMS sends these characters to the Betamax website using UTF-8 encoding, and they arrive ok on some networks. On others however, those characters show up as ? or *. If this is a problem for you, set the Strip accents option to "yes".
Last updated on March 17th, 2010

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