SIP UMS 0.0.1

SIP UMS is an Unified Messaging Server for the SEMS/IVR.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
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ROOT \ Communications \ Internet Phone
SIP UMS is an Unified Messaging Server for the SEMS/IVR. It is an extendable voicemai and IVR platform written in Perl. It includes a web based adminstration tool, voice prompts (in english) and sample scripts that will work with SEMS/IVR.


MySQL: mysql 4.0 or mysql 3.2.3.
Perl : Latest version ok
Perl DBI: DBI and DBD::mysql are required.


1) Create the database.

mysql -user -p voicemail < OpenUMS/db/voicemaildb.sql

You may need root password to do this. The best way is to install the voicemail database under the same user that is using the ser database. In our case this is the 'ser' user. The best way is to allow the ser user to create databases and run create script as ser. If you do not have root access, you should ask your sysadmin to create a database for you. Openums is intended to run in a seperate database from ser. If you are running ser with multiple domains, each domain should have it's own OpenUMS database.
This will be supported in the next version.

2) Install OpenUMS

cd OpenUMS
make install

By Default openums will install in /usr/local/openums. You will need to create this directory before trying to install. Once you have done this, you should test that delivermail will work by making sure it compiles.

perl -wc /usr/local/openums/delivermail

If you get errors, the something is not installed

4) Configure OpenUMS & Create media directories

Most configuration can found in OpenUMS/ Also look at the global_settings table. Do not delete any variables from that table without first seeing where they are being used.

The Media directories are in the

BASE_PATH => "/var/spool/openums/";

All media follows a simple directory structure:

/var/spool/openums/prompts/ -- Voicemail prompts, included in this package under 'prompts'
/var/spool/openums/spool/temp -- Temp directory where messages are put WHILE they are being recorded

/var/spool/openums/spool/temp -- Temp directory where messages are put
while they are being recorded

/var/spool/openums/users -- where user messages are put

In order for the default accounts to work 799 and 798, you must create the directory stucture for them. Every additional user will have his own directory too and it will follow the same structure. For now, make the default account directories. You can add users later with the TUI or the web interface if you have permissions set right.


4) Add Sems Media scripts

These scripts are written to use OpenUMS unders SEMS. They are still in development. WE will answer any question you have on the mailing list. Under the 'scripts' directory, you find our sample scripts for using OpenUMS. Add the to your SEMS enviornment and call that number assoicated with it. You should be played back the test prompt.

Last updated on February 9th, 2008

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