wxDC 0.930

wxDC is a 100%, GPL, open source, cross-platform, Direct Connect (P2P) file sharing client.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
3.5/5 13
Nicholas Smith
ROOT \ Communications \ Filesharing
wxDC is a 100%, GPL, open source, cross-platform, Direct Connect (P2P) file sharing client.

Here are some key features of "wxDC":

· Multiple hub connections
· Search on all connected hubs at once
· Hub chat
· Private messages
· Save favorite hubs
· View public hubs
· File transfers
· Download queue
· View user share list
· View user lists (with share size)
· Ability to block users (hub chat, private messages, and/or transfers)
· Status bar includes total hubs, users, and shared bytes
· Login/Connecion/Transfer/UI/Misc. settings
· Hub redirects (optional in Misc. settings)
· Tab icons for all tabs to denote type/activity
· User icons to denote operators and passive users
· 10 element global command/message history for text boxes
· Away mode


· wxGTK

Installation instructions provided by Nicholas Smith (wxDC developer):

1) Download the wxGTK source from the above link (so far I have only gotten 2.5.3 to work, but not to the fault of wxDC)

2) Build the wxGTK libraries and be sure to install them! You can choose to use --enable-gtk2 or --disable-gtk2 in the configuration of wxGTK, as I have tested both to work. However, everything before gtk2 looks like crap (comparable to AWT for Java)

3) Open a shell and cd your way into the top-level directory of wxDC.

4) Run 'make' to build into the default directory of 'build'. Other targets are all_wx242, all_wx253, all_wx254, and all_wxCVS which build into 'build/wxXXX' where XXX is the version number. As a note, 'make clean' currently only cleans the default build directory, sorry...

5) Run the wxDC executable that appears in the top-level directory! Do not browse into the build directories and run the exe. Each time you build, it copies the result exe into the top-level directory because it needs the 'resources' folder. It will crash otherwise because GTK is a baby.

If you get linking problems complaining about not being able to find the wxGTK libs, make sure you ran ldconfig inside your build destination directory of wxGTK. Or, just manually check LD_LIBRARY_PATH or whatever env. variable is currently used to store lib paths.

What's New in This Release:

· Fixed problem where downloading the public hub list sometimes causes all connections to timeout
· Fixed problem where opening a hub connection rarely caused an access violation to a null pointer
· Fixed loading issue of favorite hubs. sometimes it would have an error reading the file, then on application exit, it would overwrite the favorites to nothing
· Fixed minor GUI functionality twirps that noone probably ever noticed
· Some code re-organization for design improvements and readability
· Fixed wxYield() recursion assertions
· Now supports the saving and loading of download queues automatically so that your queues are always preserved
· Added simple about box
· File resuming now supported
· Search results now support sorting in all columns
· User lists now support sorting in all columns (ops sort first in a name sort)
· Added DC++ style description tags to MyINFO command. Many hubs were disconnecting wxDC just for not having it!
· Fixed the "appearance" settings so that they take effect immediately, rather than on restart

Last updated on May 7th, 2008

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