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w3btorrent is a simple and light web based php torrent client.




w3btorrent is a simple and light web based php torrent client.

Here are some key features of "w3btorrent":

· Install within 1 minute with online installer!
· Torrents continues even when you logout or close browser.
· Simple and light.
· C++ torrent client. (edited Enhanced CTorrent version)
· No need of database.
· Online configuration.
· Online log.
· WAP, start/stop torrents from your cellphone.
· Fast Ajax browsing.
· Upload or download torrent files to server with URL or file upload.
· View status, start, stop, delete torrents.
· Single user.
· Browse downloaded files easy.
· Rich archive support, both compress and decompress.
· WGET support. Type a URL and download it, no need to open terminal.


· Apache or lighttpd
· PHP4+
· Optional: BitTorrent and Python

What's New in 0.1.3 Stable Release:

· fixed misspellings
· fixed stripos() in a tmp fix for PHP4 users
· fixed bug with etc::byte_change()
· fixed bug with size section in Torrents, unit jumped to next line
· fiexd bug, now checking if path is a file in downloads section
· RSS with finish torrents from those .status files we still have. This RSS solution isn't too good.

What's New in 0.1.4 Beta Development Release:

· fixed JS error when changing torrent settings on torrent's with only one file (in content)
· wrong RSSkeys are redirected home to w3btorrent
· menu-sections has now link with error-messages when w3btorrent is not setup
· subsection in configure
· read links for subsections in configure when not setup correct
· unsetting ['setup'] on logout
· fixed JS:downloads() not adding empty values to field
· fixed JS:downloads() with runTime, was not updating
· fixed disk space in torrent setup when already got pieces downloaded
· showing 0/0 in seed/leech-ers when stopped
· fixed JS bug in torrent setup
· added better bencode support for bad torrent-metafiles
· fixed misspelled word Updateing to Updating
· fixed bug in w3btorrent::programs
· fixed bug in etc::safeExec
· removed bchunk and tovid
· fixed bug, now adding default settings to new torrents
· added better errors messages when uploading torrents
· added < SECTION > to error messages in log
· shorted log messages
· set max download time 26 weeks
· error message when wrong/none ctorrent path is set
· fixed bug with showing log and ddir when set in CONFIG.php
· better log/ddir check in config.inc.php
· w3btorrent RSS feed for complete downloads
· renamed pageUploads::$file to $torrentFile
· renamed pageUploads::file() to torrentFile()
· now unable to download internal files (.torrent, .xml, .bf)
· subscribe to RSS feeds and download torrent files within!
· fixed 'not adding old post value' in upload section after submit
· not redirecting after uploads
· added a warning when not having all required functions
· added ajax for upload section
· some wap code created, but not finish
Last updated on May 12th, 2008

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