nautilus-share 0.7.3

nautilus-share is a Nautilus extension that allows you to easily share folders without root access.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
3.8/5 22
Sebastien Estienne
ROOT \ Communications \ Filesharing
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nautilus-share is a Nautilus extension that allows you to easily share folders without root access.

Here are some key features of "nautilus share":

Easy to use: Only simple choice to make:
A name for the share
Read only or Read/write
Quick and integrated in nautilus: no need to look for a separate application in a sub menu:
Right-click on a folder
Choose the "Share" entry
Check the checkbutton, and you are done!
No need to be root: you can share your own folders without asking for any root password. It uses the same technology (dbus (, as many new softwares with the goals of project Utopia: NetworkManager (, gnome-volume-manager (, etc.
Share with all other operating system: using samba as its backend, your shares are accessible to Windows and Mac users.
Instant Apply: Your changes are applyed as soon as you change something (name, read/write, etc).
Check share name as you type: If the share name that you choose is already used or forbidden, you see it immediately as you typed it.
Know what you share: Nautilus put a nice palm on the folder that you share, no need to start a separate application to check it.
You see if the share name is already in used by someone else : Visual indicator if the sharename is too long or not valid.
You don't have to unshare the folder before deleting it : Automatically unshare deleted folders

It can speak your language : Internationalization (see contributors)
English (v0.5)
French (v0.6)
Polish (v0.6.x)
German (v0.6.x)
Finnish (v0.6.4)
Brazil (v0.6.4)
Italian (v0.6.4)

contributions for other languages are welcomed!

It looks better than ever : It tries to follow gnome HIG as close as possible.



Last updated on July 27th, 2011

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