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Gumnut is an extension of the Gnut gnutella servent to enable a distributed, moderated discussion tree.





Gumnut is a piece of communication software which may be used by a group of people to find an agreed positive direction for any decisions which affect the group. The group may be any size and associated by geography, common interest or both.

The display is currently a simple text based interface which can be used to post a new comment, reply to an existing comment, mirror a comment or to search for and display a discussion tree of comments.

Mirroring is the method used to indicate agreement with a particular comment. This increases the number of instances on the network and thus gives the comment a higher moderation weighting for those who subsequently search for and view that comment.
Gumnut is released under the GNU General Public Licence.

Gnutella project is the underlying network used for searching and retrieving the comment files. Although Gnutella may not scale well for a very large number of nodes, it is a well known distributed protocol which has a robust GPLed servent written for it named Gnut.

The existing search and download commands from Gnut are used and expanded with addition of the comment based commands of create, reply, mirror and display.
Gumnut is Free Software released under the GNU General Public Licence and runs on GNU/Linux and possibly other POSIX compliant Operating Systems. Current distribution is a source tarball which compiles with "./configure" and "make".
Last updated on March 12th, 2012

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