edonkey plus 0.01

edonkey plus is a free program peer to peer for the peer to peer network edonkey 2000,overnet etc.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
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edonkey plus
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edonkey plus is a free program peer to peer (P2P) for the peer to peer network Edonkey 2000, Overnet etc.

Basic aMule Tips

· NEVER run aMule as root.
· If you are behind a firewall or router, be sure that the ports have been opened. The default ports are 4662 (TCP). 4665 (UDP) and 4672 (UDP). If these are blocked, you will receive a "LowID" which results in fewer available sources for the files you are downloading.
· Obtain an appropriate server.met: e.g., if you are a dialup, using a large server list is not appropiate.
· Set your temp and shared directories in Preferences->Directories
· To recursively select a certain directory, right-click over it.
· You should *NOT* share
· Your temp download directory!
· Your /etc directory
· Probably not your /var, /lib, /boot, or /usr directory
· Certainly make sure that any really confidential files (password files, private SSH keys, credit card numbers :) are *not* shared. So generally do not share your entire home directory, although you might want to share some files or directories in it.
· Remember that you get certain download priveledges with those clients (aMule, eMule, etc users) to whom you upload files, in the form of reduced queue waits.
· Please note that compilation with optimizations is supported. However, if you pull a Gentoo, we will probably just tell you to recompile aMule and/or your system with sane compiler-flags before we will attempt to address the problem.

Last updated on July 9th, 2007

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