bgrab 1.3.6

bgrab is an application used to download binary attachments from newsgroups.
bgrab is an application used to download binary attachments from newsgroups.

The purpose of this program is to automate the downloading of binary attachments from UseNet Newsgroups. Given a group name, this program will connect to a news server, read all messages in that group and extract any binary attachments included in any of those messages (including multipart attachments). This program does not require any keyboard interaction and could be fairly easily scheduled to run from crond.

To compile this program, you need to be on a system that uses the GNU C++ Compiler (or that has some other ANSI C++ compliant compiler linked to run as the 'gcc' executable). You also need to have either curses or ncurses installed.

Makefiles are included for Linux and Solaris systems. The attached configure script does nothing more than try to figure out if you're running one of these two OS'es and create a link from one of them to Makefile if you are. The Linux makefile assumes you have ncurses installed, the Solaris that you have curses itself.

If some of this isn't true (i.e. if you're running some other variant of UNIX or if your curses is called something different), you're on your own to compile.


"make install" will try to move the program binary (bgrab) to /usr/local/bin and make it root/root/755.

last updated on:
March 27th, 2007, 22:05 GMT
license type:
GPL (GNU General Public License) 
developed by:
ROOT \ Communications \ Filesharing
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