YPost 0.20

Ypost is a command line usenet binary file poster.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
2.8/5 19
John Ridley
ROOT \ Communications \ Filesharing
Ypost is a command line usenet binary file poster. It provides both uuencoding and yEnc encoding posting, speed throttling, and flexible segment reposting ability.

I wrote ypost because I wanted a command-line posting program that runs under
Linux command line, and the one that was available (newspost) didn't support yEnc or throttling. I did a few updates to newspost and resubmitted the changes, but I felt that beyond a cartain point, it made more sense for me to write a new system. I decided this partially because after having used C++ for the last few years, C leaves me very nervous - there are too many ways in which C++ is far safer than C (automatic destruction, etc) and I just felt a rewrite was in order.

The installation is pretty primative. Ypost is a simple program, I hope it will compile up on most machines. Just type "make" at the command line, and when it's done, copy the "ypost" executable to wherever you like, I suggest /usr/local/bin.

Last updated on June 21st, 2006

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