Web-GMUI 0.0.3

Web-GMUI is a web-based interface for various P2P programs written in the D programming language.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
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Web-GMUI is a web-based interface for various P2P programs written in the D programming language.

The Web-GMUI project can connect to MLdonkey, aMule and giFT.

One of the motivations is to combine many GUIs for different p2p programs in one application to save overall work and to cover many needs and tastes.
Therefore, easy extensibility without the need to know all other program parts was a major design aim.

Any contribution (web design, translation, client interface, core code) is welcome.

Here are some key features of "Web GMUI":

· A skinned HTML and a JavaScript based gui (AJAX with JSON)
· Integrated web server.
· Customizability (CSS/JS/HTML/D)
· No installation needed: download&run
· SSL cryptography
· HTTP basic authentification
· Languages: english, german, spanish ,polish, galician, brazilian portugese
· Flexible api to be able to cover most network features/designs.
· Preliminary account support.
· Download unfinished files for preview (also remote for MLDonkey)

How to use Web-GMUI and connected to MLDonkey/aMule/giFT?

download the binary
start it in your console/or double click on windows
open up your browser and go to ""
click on the "Clients" tab
enter connection settings and click on "Add", then on "Connect"
click on the downloads panel etc.

How to access the JavaScript/JSON GUI?

make sure web-gmui was started with the "-j" command line option (it's disabled by default atm.)
go to
Optional: make it the default gui

use the html gui and go to "User Settings"
change the "User Interface" setting to "Aqua JS GUI"

How to enable SSL + password authentification

in the html gui, go to "User Settings"
enter a password for the current user ("admin") and click on "save"
set "Enable SSL" and "Basic Authentification" to "On" and click on "save"
Note: plain http access is disabled now
go to the browser url and change "http" to "https" and press enter
you will be prompted to accept the certificate
accept the certificate to be able to access the web interface again

How to make buttons work for the HTML gui in Internet Explorer 6/7?

IE has a long (not finished) history for non standard compliant browsers.
IE6/7 isn't supported atm./yet.
Get IE8, Firefox, Opera etc.

How to enable preview support for aMule (speedup for MLDonkey)?

Note: this will work only if Web-GMUI and the client have direct access to the clients temp directory
select a client on the Clients panel
go to the Client Settings panel and look for the temp directory setting
set that setting to your clients temp directory
Web-GMUI will now serve these files from hard disk instead using the gui protocol

How to add items to the panel?

"Module Settings" => "Core"
Check the panel items and click "Apply" to have items loaded/unloaded

What's New in This Release:

· added -k command line option;
· sets folder to look for public.pem and private.pem


· fixed wrong search results
· filter out transfers with no up/download
· set max. buffer size to 256Kb
· set allowed torrent size to 500Kb


· added JavaScript checkbox selectors


· fixed link to background

Last updated on April 27th, 2008

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