WatchMe! 1.001 Build 753

WatchMe! is a software solution designed for multimedia asynchronous streaming on low bandwidth networks.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
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AdvanSib Ltd.
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WatchMe! is a software solution designed for multimedia asynchronous streaming on low bandwidth networks. Solution includes two core applications: WatchMe! Server and WatchMe! Client.

In contrast to other similar software solutions WatchMe! project has a number of unique features that include:

Asynchronous multimedia streaming
Working on low bandwidth networks
Stable self-recovering connection

Here are some key features of "WatchMe":

Asynchronous streaming
The most impressive feature of WatchMe! solution is asynchronous streaming. Similar software solutions targets on basic streaming only that means client applications only receives stream that is transmitted from server via network. Asynchronous streaming means that client applications can control what server transmits.
WatchMe! solution can be compared with video cassette recorder (WM Server) with a remote control unit (WM Client). User can specify a video tape to play that means selecting a multimedia sample from a predefined library. Or user can easily "rewind" multimedia stream forward or backward using remote. It is all possible with WatchMe! solution.

Working on low bandwidth networks
WatchMe! solution was specially designed to work on low bandwidth networks. Direct streaming without buffering requires pretty good connection and high bandwidth. To avoid that WatchMe! Client use predictive stream buffering. In the very beginning buffer is filled up with data (that seems to be the only time-taking process). Afterwards filling the buffer requires much lower bandwidth than direct streaming. Tests have shown that WatchMe! seems to work good on 10Mbit bandwidth networks.

Persistent connection
WatchMe! Client always keeps connection alive. Once WMC is launched it attempts to establish a persistent connection with specified WMS. But due to bad line or low bandwidth connection might be lost. If so WMC attempts to restore it by reconnecting to server. If connection was restored rather quickly (that depends on buffer size) user won't even recognize that something went wrong. Stream rendering won't be interrupted because of buffering

Supported multimedia formats

MPEG2, MPEG-4 part 10 (H.264/AVC)
AVI, DivX, XviD
WAV, MPEG Layer 3, OGG Vorbis

WatchMe! software can transmit and render almost any type of multimedia data. It's all depends on audio and video codecs installed on your machine.

Last updated on October 6th, 2007

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