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TorrentFlux is a PHP torrent client for Linux.




TorrentFlux is a PHP torrent client for Linux.

Manage all of your Torrent downloads through a convenient web interface from anywhere. Requires Apache with PHP module, MySQL and, BitTornado or BitTorrent source (included).

Here are some key features of "TorrentFlux":

· Upload Torrents via URL or File Upload
· Start, Stop, and Delete Torrents with a click
· Advanced Torrent start options (ports, speeds, etc.)
· Multi-user interface
· RSS Feeds, download Torrents files with a click
· View Download Progress of all torrents at a glance
· View drive space at a glance
· View Torrent file meta information
· Built-in User management and Security
· Private Messaging
· Themes (selectable per user)
· Upload History
· Detailed User Administration
· Admin Searchable Logs
· Torrent Search via
· Language Support

Current language support for:

· Dutch
· English
· French
· German
· Hungarian
· Italian
· Norwegian
· Polish
· Portuguese
· Slovenian
· Spanish
· Swedish


· Apache with PHP module
· MySQL Database
· BitTorrent 3.3 to 3.4.2 + or BitTornado 0.3.7 +


*** Make sure the System Requirements are met.

1. Untar the package into a directory then copy the contents of the "html" folder into your web site directory.

tar -zxvf torrentflux.tar.gz

2. Create a database and load the mysql_torrentflux.sql script. Database abstraction is supported starting in TorrentFlux 2.0 using ADODB for PHP. You may specify type of database you want to use in the config.php, but the examples here use MySQL.

mysqladmin create torrentflux

"mysql_torrentflux.sql" contains the commands to build the table structure and the default data for the TorrentFlux. Run the script on your torrentflux database.

mysql torrentflux < mysql_torrentflux.sql
Or load the script with PHPMyAdmin (web interface)

3. Edit 'config.php' for database settings. Database abstraction is supported starting in TorrentFlux 2.0 using ADODB for PHP. You may specify type of database you want to use, but the examples here use MySQL.

4. IMPORTANT: The first time you access the application, you will be prompted for a user/password -- this is when you will set the SUPER ADMIN user and password by what you enter. For example, you pull the site up for the first time, you will be prompted to login and if you put in user: 'goombah' and password: 'iama' then your super admin user account will be set to goombah/iama -- cool? You are ready to access the application!

5. On your first login, you will be taken to the admin settings page. This is where you will check all your TorrentFlux Settings (previous versions had these settings in the config.php). At the top of this page is "Path" -- you will need to create a directory with read/write permissions for TorrentFlux to use. You can create a directory and chmod 777 it then specify this path on the Admin Settings page. When the path is valid and
writable, there will be a green light next to it.

While you are on the TorrentFlux Settings page, you may want to verify that you have green lights down the page (if not you will want to fix them).

What's New in This Release:

· The most notable change is the use of BitTornado 0.3.18 to support encryption.
· Search plugins have been updated, and the install process updated for new versions of supporting database engines.
· Additional bugfixes include some from the Debian team (to streamline inclusion/installation in APT repositories).
Last updated on June 19th, 2008

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