Swarmtv 0.9.2

RSS stream torrent downloader

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What's new in Swarmtv 0.9.2:

  • Fixed compilation on Centos 5.6
  • Fixed compilation on 32-bit systems
  • Fixed Cmake problems that emerged when building debian packages.
  • Created Ubuntu Natty Narwhal ppa reposititory https://launchpad.net/~ranzbak/+archive/ppaswarmtv
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GPL v3 
3.0/5 2
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Swarmtv - Usage message
Swarmtv is a software that downloads selected torrents from an RSS stream (Broadcatching with BitTorrent), and puts them in a directory for your torrent program to find them.

When RSS information is downloaded, the useful fields are extracted and inserted into an Sqlite database.

The information that is stored in the Sqlite db is queried using SQL statements, called filters in Swarmtv.

When a match is found on one of the filters, a second query against the table holding the downloaded torrents can be used to avoid duplicates.

After both queries are passed, the torrent is downloaded into the "Torrent directory" specified in the config settings.

A torrent client is set up to watch the directory, and pick up the torrent as soon as it arrives.

At this moment I use Rtorrent which does a good job and removes finished torrents.


Build command:

cmake .
make install

To create database (Don't forget to run this the first time)
make db

The directory to here the torrents are downloaded must exist and be writable to the user running Swarmtv.

Change the directory using # rsstorrent -C "torrentdir:< path your torrents need to go >"

Or create the directory on the default path # mkdir ~/torrents

To create some example filters and sources in the database

make examples

For examples look at the examples.sh file

Last updated on May 12th, 2011


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