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Qtella is a peer-to-peer client using Gnutella protocol.




Qtella is a peer-to-peer client using Gnutella protocol.
Sharing files over decentralized networks (peer-to-peer) has become very popular. The Gnutella network (Gnet) is one of these p2p networks which is an open network. The advantage of a decentralized network is that no server exists, which could be a single point of failure. Instead, every client acts as client and server at the same time. Due to this fact these clients are often called Servents. But using decentralized networks has also disadvanteges. The main drawback of missing central servers is that connecting to the net takes longer.

Qtella is one of these servents for Linux for the Gnutella network with many useful features. Most of these features are taken from the comments and suggestions of Qtella users. I want to thank all of these users. Qtella is written in C++ and uses the Qt libraries. It is available for Linux/Unix. Also a developer version for the Sharp Zaurus exists. A Win32 version is currently in progress (an alpha version is already available but it's very unstable). [cCOPYRIGHT=1]

Here are some key features of "Qtella":

· display incoming searches
· logging of errors, warnings and infos
· rename files
· move downloads into different directories
· statistics of connections and session
· select different styles
· select different fonts
· show download status in download tab by colored balls
· block specified hosts
· fast connection mechanism
· multiple search
· continue interrupted downloads
· uploads
· limit number of downloads and uploads
· limit upload bandwidth
· separate unfinished downloads from finished ones
· download of several files at once
· test whether file allready exists
· identification of download server
· automatic retry if error, busy, closed
· auto connect list
· KDE integration
· save host list
· handle extended gnutella protocol
· status lines and statistics
· accecpt incoming connections
· download from firewalled hosts
· pong cache to reduce network traffic
· advanced search: "+" word must exist, "-" word must not exist
· resume interrupted downloads
Last updated on June 20th, 2006

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